How To Remove A Radiator When Painting A Wall

How To Remove A Radiator When Painting A Wall

Any Central heating system is complicated and something that most people don’t want to have to interfere with!

However, at some point, you may find yourself in a situation where you have to remove a radiator, and the most common reason for this is when you come to decorate!



If removing a radiator turns out to be not the task for you, you can always rely on a local plumber to do the job for you, but this can become quite expensive when removing it and then having to refit it back onto the wall.

Complication Of Removing A Radiator

  • In order to remove the radiator, you’ll have to drain the water from it which can be a slow process.
  • You will also have to make sure you pay attention to the radiator’s brackets before attempting to take the radiator off the wall, as not removing the radiator correctly can lead to serious problems!
  • Always keep towels close in case of spillage as the water that comes out can be very dirty and can stain most surfaces.

Did you know?

The dirty water in your heating system is called magnetite. It is essentially your radiators rusting and breaking down internally. The water goes reddish, to begin with, but over time turns black.

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Also, you will need to remember if you are doing it yourself, to make a note of where the dial is pointing on your boiler pressure gauge because once you have finished the painting and you’ve put your radiator back on the wall, you will need to re-pressurize the dial on your boiler. 

Please also be aware you might need to add a small amount of inhibitor.

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Painting A Wall, The Rotarad Way!

The Rotarad method of radiator installation allows you to gain instant access without the need to remove radiators for any future cleaning or decorating.

By not having to remove the radiator can allow you to gain full access.

See pictures below of accessing radiator to paint behind


Picture 1 – Shows the radiator can be lowered to 45 degrees with the safety wires attached.

Picture 2 – Radiator lowered to floor level.

Picture 3 – Radiator is at floor level easy access for painting behind.


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Alternatively, this would be the ideal time to consider before painting behind your wall to upgrade your radiator for future access!

Once operational the Rotarad care kit allows you instant full access for future cleaning and decorating behind your radiator when required without the need to remove or drain down the radiator in the future at an affordable price!

 By fitting a basic radiator care kit to “Clean Accessible Radiators Easily”, this will overcome the need for future radiator removals to decorate or fully clean behind them and for the future wellbeing of all occupants.

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