What are the Benefits of using Rotarad?

Easy Accessibility

Rotarads drop down radiator removal kit allows you to get to those hard to reach places in seconds, with no help needed.

The handy latches easily release the radiator, allowing it to suspend from the brackets or even lowered further so its parallel to the floor, making it fully accessible.

 How to easily remove radiator from wall for easy cleaning, painting, decorating and wallpapering


Manoeuvring a paintbrush or roller around a radiator has to be one of the biggest challenges when decorating.

You can never quite get to those hard to reach areas without getting paint on the radiator. It also takes time to get underneath the pipes and get all around the edges. Removing the radiator in one allows for stress-free quick decorating.


Radiator brushes get to those hard to reach places easily but instead of removing the dust, it just gets pushed further down the radiator. To get a full clean and remove all dirt and dust properly, full access to the radiator is needed so the radiator can be cleaned properly. 

Cleaning behind radiators, removing radiator from wall to clean

Health Benefits

The dirt and dust that lurks behind our radiators is pushed into the air from the very heat our radiators emit. Indoor air quality is a huge issue in peoples homes and in public places such as hospitals.

By accessing this area and thoroughly cleaning and removing the dust rather than pushing the dust further down you improve the quality of air both you and your family breathe in. This can reduce the symptoms of dust allergies and asthma.


how to remove a radiator for cleaning allergies asthma dust allergies