Below are an assortment of testimonials from all over the UK on how others found installing the drop down radiator kits.


J O’Brien – JOB Air Conditioning & Refrigeration.

“As a qualified Engineer in Air conditioning, I was introduced to the Rotarad product on the internet as I was looking for an easier way to remove the radiator for decorating. 

I came across Rotarad product and thought it would be a good idea to fit to my radiators. I found them pretty easy to fit as they came with comprehensive instructions which were easy to follow.

Having fitted them I find it very easy to access the back of the radiator. I would highly recommend for anybody that is looking for a simpler solution as no more having to drain down my radiators – this product should come very easy to any plumber to fit.”


Martin Shaw Building Services

“Our Plumber fitted the Rotarad kits to one of our customers Radiators, we found them extremely easy to fit as they come with step by step fitting instructions. 

We found that time and care needed to be taken on the first installation as it is a new process, after the first one was fitted we found it straight forward to install the remainder installation of the kits.

This is a great product for getting to those hard to reach places for cleaning and decorating behind”.


C Silcock - CPS Plumbing & Gas Ltd

"I am very impressed with the design of the radiator brackets, as they tilt so it easy to clean and paint behind the radiators, they are ideal for Care Homes and other establishments that require a deep clean often".


Cem UK Limited

“One of our customers approached us and requested that they wanted a radiator upgrade to allow them to conceal a wall safe behind their radiator.

On arrival our customer introduced us to the Rotarad product to retrofit to his existing radiator which would allow full instant access to concealed safe now having installed the retrofit kit we were pleasantly surprised with the results and quality of the product and can now see the benefits for end users for cleaning and decorating purposes.”       


N.Salt – Plumbing and Team Leader – Estates and Development

“Easy to follow fitting instructions, Rotarad is ideal for initial radiator installations.  If you are retrofitting to existing radiators light pipework alterations may be required but not on all radiators.

The product is ideal for cleaning and decorating behind the radiator.  Make customer aware that when the radiator is tilted to the 45 degree angle that the wires are secured to the bracket. Once you have fitted one the rest becomes easy and no leaking.”