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Is Rotarad compatible with all radiators?
Rotarad fits most steel panel radiators old and new up to a recommended weight of 100kg when filled with water.

Is Rotarad compatible with thermostatic valves?
Yes, Rotarad is installed between the valve and the radiator, so should be compatible with any thermostatic valve.

Do I need to drain down all the system when fitting Rotarad?
You only need to shut off the inlet and outlet valves to isolate and drain down the individual radiator you want to upgrade.

Who can fit Rotarad?
Rotarad can be fitted by trade professionals or DIYers. 

How do I fit Rotarad to my radiator?
If you have no experience with plumbing, we advise you to hire a plumber to install Rotarad's one-time installation radiator drop down kit.

Do I need a plumber to fit Rotarad?
If you have no experience removing or draining radiators, then we advise a plumber. However, if you do have experience then watch our handy video to help you install Rotarad.

How long does it take to fit?
We estimate it takes about 30 minutes to install Rotarad to one radiator.

What do I do with the water after the radiator has been drained?
Simply pour this water away down the sink or drain.

What if I change my mind?
Rotarad provides a 30-day money back guarantee!

Can I fit Rotarad anywhere?
Rotarad is designed to be fitted to a flat surface wall. It is not suitable for uneven stone walls.
When fitting under windows or radiator shelves requires a 50mm-75mm space above the radiator to operate the release brackets. 
When fitting to a tiled or block wall we recommend using masking tape on the wall to mark for drilling.

What type of pipe fitting does Rotarad support?
Rotarad supports both Compression joints and Union Joints. If you are unsure which type you require please contact us.

When I am using Rotarad to move the radiator is there any chance it will leak?
No! When fitted correctly the Rotarad connectors do not leak and all connectors are 100% leak tested. 

How often should I clean my Radiators?
We recommend deep cleaning at least once a year before you use them in the Autumn season, as having radiators unused over the summer months causes large accumulations of dust.

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