The Drop Down Radiator Removal Kit

This video shows you how easy it is to access the space behind the radiator using the revolutionary Rotarad radiator removal kit, making thorough cleaning and decorating a reality.


Fitting your Rotarad Drop Down Radiator Removal Kit

This video gives you an easy step by step guide to follow when fitting your Rotarad Drop Down Radiator Kit. We advise you to watch it through once beforehand and then again when installing your kit. 


The Science Of What's Lurking Behind Your Radiator 

Central heating radiators can have implications on your health if not cleaned properly. Below is a series of educational videos that uncover how and why dust behind radiators are a threat to our health.

Learn how radiators increase the exposure to dust particles containing allergens, which have adverse effects on the well-being of house occupants, and how this could be a possible link to increased hospital admissions. Click here to read the full literature review survey.



Special Thanks:


Hazim B. Awbi, Professor Emeritus of Building Environmental Science, School of Built Environment, University of Reading

Luke Bellamy, BSc MRes Msc, Keele University Research

                  Keele University                                                      Inspired Film and Video                                             Contour Heating Products

Rotarad Removing Radiator From Wall Contour Keele University Inspired Film And Video