How To Decorate Behind A Radiator Without Removing It

How To Decorate Behind A Radiator Without Removing It

For those of us that choose to decorate our own homes, will be the time to realise that when coming to decorating behind the back of the radiator, this can be one of those tasks that is not a simple job!

In most cases if you are decorating, you may want to remove the radiator to decorate behind it if you require that professional finish.  This could mean having to call out your local plumber, which could incur costs or by Doing It Yourself which could result in unforeseen problems if you are not used to taking a radiator off the wall and then having to refit it.

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A system that has been left idle for some time can suffer from a buildup of sludge at the bottom of the radiator, which may have to be taken into consideration even before you start the decorating task!

Unfortunately, over time central heating systems and especially the radiators are vulnerable to a buildup of hard, thick sludge within the heating system and pipework.  If you leave untreated, you could find that your boiler has to work harder in order to provide your property with enough heat.

remove radiator from wall

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By having to physically remove a radiator is fraught with difficulties as care must be taken to protect the flooring and carpet, making sure you have dust sheets beneath the radiator before you begin, as radiator sludge is very dirty and can stain your carpet.

Make sure that you have a container ready to pour the radiator contents into, and then it is advised you take the radiator into the garden and use a hose to flush through the radiator and clean it out.

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Tiling The Wall Behind Radiator

If you are even thinking of fitting the Rotarad kits to a wall which you want to tile or has already been tiled the picture below shows a radiator in a bathroom.

removing a radiator from a tiled wall - removing radiator from bathroomremoving a radiator from a tiled wall - removing radiator from bathroomremoving a radiator from a tiled wall - removing radiator from bathroom


Wallpapering the Wall Behind Radiator

This enables you to use full-length strips of wallpaper to run down the ceiling to the floor behind radiators which helps to overcome future peeling issues.


removing the radiator from the wallremoving the radiator from the wall


Painting Wall Behind The Radiator

From the pictures below as you can see from the first picture, the radiator has been lowered down to floor level which allows access to prepare the surface for painting. 

The second picture shows the superior results that can be achieved without the need to remove the radiator.


By allowing you full access behind radiators shows a superior result can be achieved without the need to remove your radiators, also the other hidden benefit is you can easily clean your radiators periodically with superior hygiene results.


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remove radiator for decorating

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