Draining Down The Radiator Vs Rotarad Radiator Removal Kit

Draining Down The Radiator Vs Rotarad Radiator Removal Kit

Everyone loves to decorate their walls in their house in a lovely new colour!  

The one final thing getting in your way is the radiator on the wall. You could paint around it; special rollers are also available to get as far down behind it as you can. However, these aren't always the easiest to use and can cause a lot of hassle.

It's the same when it comes to cleaning, radiator brushes are meant to reach those hard to reach places easily. Although they can end up pushing the dirt further down rather than actually removing it.

Nothing, however, gets around the fact that to do the job properly, you need to remove the radiators off the wall.

Now that you've spent the long tedious task of taking the radiator off the wall, you may be surprised with the amount of dust you find behind the radiator. They're a trap for dirt, creating a build-up of accumulated dust.

If you have radiator covers the build-up of dust could be far worse for cleaning! – so let’s make it simple for you:


What Are The Benefits Of A Drop Down Radiator Removal Kit?

A drop-down radiator removal kit makes dropping the radiator from the wall an effortless task. This makes accessing behind the radiator a stress-free experience, which makes it much easier for decorating and cleaning behind.

There's no need for disconnection of the heating system and no tools are required after installation.

The key benefit is accessibility, by fitting the kit to a radiator it will allow the radiator to be dropped away from the wall, either by hanging from a bracket at 45 degrees or resting parallel at 90 degrees to floor level. This allows the cleaning or decorating process to be performed in areas which would otherwise be inaccessible.

how to remove a radiator from the wall for decorating - cleaning behind a radiator

Having clearer access significantly improves cleaning and decorating quality, which also reduces the costs of calling out a plumber to remove the radiator from the wall. The radiator removal kit can be easily fitted onto a new radiator or retrofitted onto existing. 

The kits can be fitted by trade professionals or DIYers. If you have no experience with plumbing, it is advised to contact a plumber to install. It will take a little longer to install your first kit, once your first kit has been fitted it becomes more straight forward.

how to remove a radiator for decorating - how to decorate behind a radiator

Will My Radiators Leak If I Install A Drop Down Radiator Removal Kit?

Many people get concerned that their radiator will leak if they install the drop down radiator removal kit – if the kits are fitted correctly, the connectors will not leak as they have been 100% leak tested.

The drop-down radiator removal kit fits most steel panel radiators old and new up to a recommended weight of 100kg when filled with water.

The kits installed between the valve and the radiator, so should be compatible with any thermostatic valve. You only need to shut off the inlet and outlet valves to isolate and drain down the individual radiator you want to upgrade.

If you have no experience removing or draining radiators, then it is advised to contact a plumber. However, if you do have experience there is always a handy video below to help you remove the radiator from the wall for decorating.

The kits are designed to be fitted to a flat surface wall. It is not suitable for uneven stone walls. When fitting under windows or radiator shelves it requires a 50mm-75mm space above the radiator to operate the release brackets.  When fitting to a tiled or block wall it is recommended using masking tape on the wall to mark for drilling.

Rotarad supports both Compression joints and Union Joints and fits most steel panel radiators old and new the recommended weight of 100kg when the radiator is filled with water.

Many people ask if the kits are compatible with thermostatic valves, the kit is installed between the valve and the radiator so is compatible!

If you're unsure we recommend speaking to a plumber, or get in touch and speak to one of our expert advisors, we'll be more than happy to help.



By being able to Remove the radiator in one allows for stress-free quick decorating, wallpapering and cleaning.

By thoroughly cleaning and removing the dust rather than pushing the dust further down you improve the quality of air both you and your family breathe in. This can reduce the symptoms of dust allergies and asthma.

The dirt and dust that lurks behind our radiators is pushed into the air from the very heat our radiators emit. Indoor air quality is a huge issue in people’s homes and in public places such as hospitals.

By cleaning your radiators at least once a year before you use them in the Autumn season, as having radiators unused over the summer months causes large accumulations of dust.

Learn how radiators are damaging our health.

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