How To Paint Behind A Radiator Without Removing It

How To Paint Behind A Radiator Without Removing It

There aren't many areas in our home or rooms we cannot paint or wallpaper when we decorate other than behind our central heating radiators.

This problem has existed for decades following the introduction of steel panel radiators that are static and have little or no access.

Radiators are one of the main obstacles we encounter when we decorate frustrating problematic and time consuming to achieve a satisfactory finish we require in our homes.

The daunting task of removing and replacing a radiator to simply decorate is not an option for the majority of homeowners would choose to do if there was an alternative.


Option 1 - Paint Or Wallpaper Behind Radiator Whilst It's Still Attached To The Wall


To create a professional finish, paint or wallpaper should be put on the wall behind the radiators, pipes and other obstructions, but it’s not that easy to do well using the conventional paintbrushes or rollers.

By using a paintbrush or small roller to paint the wall behind the radiator this only covers a limited area.

If you are wallpapering behind the radiator this can be a long and tedious task as you will find it extremely difficult to get the paper all the way down to the bottom.

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Option 2 - Remove Radiator To Paint Or Wallpaper Behind

Step 1 - Shut off the inlet and outlet valves.

Step 2 - Place a container under the radiator connectors. 

Step 3 - Fit the bleed key ready to let in air to control the water flow

Step 4 – Once you have released the nut at one end of radiator above the container and bulk of the water has run out repeat the same at the other end of radiator.

Step 5 - When all the water stops running out fully disconnect both outlets then close the bleed valves.

Step 6 – Gently lift the radiator from the brackets and tile the radiator cover to remove remaining water.

We advise you to be cautious as the water could be black and could stain the floor area especially carpet! 

Step 7 - Then tip your radiator upside down to carry it out of the way, this will prevent any remaining water and drips escaping out of the radiator! 


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Option 3 - Install A Radiator Conversion Kit

Once you have installed you gain full access in seconds to paint, wallpaper or clean behind when required simply and efficiently without the stress and mess.

This then makes the radiator fit for purpose and no more need to ever have to drain down the radiator.



By having the capability of full access to the wall behind the radiator would be the ideal solution to overcome these difficulties.

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