How To Decorate Behind A Radiator

How To Decorate Behind A Radiator

There is really no easy way to decorate behind a steel panel radiator due to the lack of access!

Radiators can be one of the main obstacles we experience when we come to decorate, which can be frustrating and time-consuming to achieve a satisfactory finish we require in our homes.

Removing a radiator can be a difficult task when it comes to decorating behind it – this is something that you may never even think about when it comes to decorating!

how to remove a radiator from the wall

Option 1 – Long Paint Roller

The use of a long reach paint roller is the main option at the moment to overcome this difficult task, but this is not really the ideal solution as it can be difficult to see and there is no guarantee it will cover all the wall behind a fixed radiator!

how to paint behind a radiator

Option 2 – Removing the Radiator

When decorating a room, there are often pipes and radiators in the way, or tight gaps and awkward spaces which are difficult to workaround. 

This is probably the most straight forward option to give you full and complete access if you feel confident you have the relevant DIY skills.

If you don’t know how to remove it this can become quite costly if you need to call out your local plumber to remove and then to replace it!


Steps to remove the Radiator

You will need:

  • Spanner
  • Radiator bleed key,
  • Container to catch the water in
  • Plastic sheet or towel to cover the floor to catch any unwanted spillage.

Draining radiator - removing radiator from the wall

Steps to take when taking the radiator off the wall:

Step 1 - Shut off the inlet and outlet valves.

Step 2 - Place a container under the radiator connectors. 

Step 3 - Fit the bleed key ready to let in air to control the water flow

Step 4 – Once you have released the nut at one end of radiator above the container and bulk of the water has run out repeat the same at the other end of the radiator.

Step 5 - When all the water stops running out fully disconnect both outlets then close the bleed valves.

Step 6 – Gently lift the radiator from the brackets and tile the radiator cover to remove remaining water.

We advise you to be cautious as the water could be black and could stain the floor area especially carpet! 

Step 7 - Then tip your radiator upside down to carry it out of the way, this will prevent any remaining water and drips escaping out of the radiator! 

Step 8 - If you are leaving the radiator for any length of time you need to cap off your thermostatic valve to prevent automatic opening.  You are now ready to decorate!

 how to remove a radiator from the wall - how to decorate behind a radiator

Once you have finished decorating behind the radiator you have to reverse the process to install the radiator, or if you don’t want to carry out this task you can call out your Plumber!

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Make sure before decorating the wall behind the radiator, you have cleaned away years of accumulated contaminated dust, this also includes the skirting boards and the wall behind the radiator as these too can become very dusty!

how to decorate behind a radiator

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how to remove a radiator from the wall

If you have a radiator cover the dust that has accumulated could be far worse, as this is the one place that is neglected as the Radiator is never seen!


See picture below of dust accumulation with a radiator cover

accumulated dust behind radiatordust behind a radiator - how to clean and decorate behind a radiator


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OPTION 3 – Easy Access the Rotarad Way!

There is now a 3rd option which can allow you instant access without the need to remove the radiators.

No Tools Required – Instant Access!

how to decorate behind the radiator - how to remove radiator from the wall for decorating


By being able to remove the radiator in one allows for stress-free quick decorating, wallpapering and cleaning.

By thoroughly cleaning and removing the dust rather than pushing the dust further down you improve the quality of air both you and your family breathe in. This can reduce the symptoms of dust allergies and asthma.

The dirt and dust that lurks behind our radiators are pushed into the air from the very heat our radiators emit. Indoor air quality is a huge issue in people’s homes and in public places such as hospitals.

By cleaning your radiators at least once a year before you use them in the Autumn season, as having radiators unused over the summer months causes large accumulations of dust.

how to remove a radiator from the wall - how to decorate behind a radiator

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