Tips To Clean Behind A Radiator

Tips To Clean Behind A Radiator

We believe the answer to clean behind a radiator is access to see and reach the dust that needs removing to achieve superior results!

Radiators are one of the many to-do cleaning tasks that we never even think about when keeping on top of your house cleaning.

Both in the home and workplace can be a health hazard for people with breathing problems, and at no time is this more the case when the heating system is first switched on as the weather gets colder. 

Central heating radiators create the ideal conditions for dust mites and mould spores plus microbiological infections to flourish resulting in a higher level of allergens, that is then circulated via heat convection, plus contributes to poorer indoor air quality.

how to remove a radiator from the wall - how to clean radiator

Clean radiators look more attractive and not only that, but they also function more efficiently when clean.

The easiest way to keep your radiators clean is to dust and clean between the fins and behind at least once a year – in the summer months when the heating is switched off!

If left, they will accumulate a lot of dust and dirt in hard to reach places. The number of fragments, dust or even pet dander which builds up behind radiators because they're so awkward to clean effectively. 

The dust behind the radiator is a major contributor to health issues like asthma and other diseases of the lung as well as the workplace problems like sick office syndrome.

If you have radiator covers the buildup of dust could be far worse for cleaning!

how to clean dust off radiator - how to remove radiator from the wallhow to clean dust from radiator

How Rotarad can make it simple for you:

 “The best Tip to clean behind your radiator” thoroughly is to invest in a Rotarad rotating valve kit.  Once installed, the system will allow for your radiator to be rotated to floor level, providing complete access behind the radiator for thorough cleaning and there is no need to drain down the radiator or take if off the wall.

This then makes it simple to hoover away the dust or just by using a cloth and some warm soapy water to clean the dust thoroughly away.

The kits can be retrofitted to most standard panel radiators, allowing radiators to pivot along the access of the radiator valves without putting any strain on the pipework or the fittings.

how to clean behind radiator


Did you know??  (Keele Research Report)

  • Hospitals currently acknowledge that radiators are a potential haven for pathogens and bacteria. This is evidenced through numerous hospital cleaning guidelines having clearly defined methods and regimes to follow when cleaning radiators.
  • Radiators are classed as a non-critical area in relation to cleaning, yet they are one of the only non-critical areas which have an inaccessible section which can allow dust accumulation.
  • Studies have linked radiators being used after a long period of inactivity and the spread of bacteria.


As the ultimate solution, Rotarad has been used in hospitals over the past 5 years to attain superior hygiene standards with the advantages of time and ongoing cost savings.



By being able to remove the radiator in one allows for stress-free thorough cleaning and removing the dust rather than pushing the dust further down you improve the quality of air both you and your family breathe in.

This can reduce the symptoms of dust allergies and asthma!

The dirt and dust that lurks behind our radiators is pushed into the air from the very heat our radiators emit. Indoor air quality is becoming a huge issue in people’s homes and in public places such as hospitals.

how to remove a radiator from the wall - how to clean radiator

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