Cleaning Dust From Radiators

Cleaning Dust From Radiators

The dust that is accumulated on and around the wall behind the radiator is something that we never consider cleaning; this can cause health implications when the dust is disturbed and distributed back into the air that we breathe.  

The reason dust collects together behind your radiators is because of the air that circulates warmth around your room – warm air rises and the cool air falls, so as the air sinks it carries the dust it has with it and is then drawn up through the radiator.


how to clean dust from radiators

How To Remove Dust From Behind Radiators

Dust that contains VOC’s (Volatile Organic components) e.g. pet dander, and allergens can quite easily find a home especially behind the back of your radiator, which goes unnoticed! 

Whether in commercial premises or in the home, probably one of the most difficult areas to tackle when it comes to decorating and cleaning is the wall behind the radiator; and no amount of cleaning and decorating tools can satisfactorily solve this problem without full access. 

Even when it comes to decorating professionals find a radiator a challenge and taking them off the wall to access the space behind the radiator is a task that no-one ever enjoys!

You can now make this a straightforward and simple task by installing a retrofit Rotarad access kit that allows full access in seconds once installed.

We recommend that you get into the habit of thoroughly cleaning your radiators at least once a year- especially in the summer months when the heating is switched off.


This way it will help you keep on top of the buildup of dust and dirt that has built up in time.

If you leave the dust on your radiators your central heating will become less effective, which means that it will have to work harder, which costs more energy and more money!

Radiators are designed in such a way that dust and dirt can become trapped there quite easily and it takes a considerable amount of time to make sure it’s all gone. 

As most of us live with central heating we automatically view radiators as a fabric part of the building structure that requires little attention as they look clean on the front surfaces. 

This cannot be said for the back and inside of the radiator, you do not see due to the lack of access!


From the picture below if this was the front of your radiator – would you clean it?  In all cases, the answer would be a most definite YES!



We recommend you consider deep cleaning your radiators and the wall behind at least once a year before you switch on the heating for the first time in the Autumn, this helps to prevent increased contaminated dust exposure levels in the air you breathe indoors during the winter months.

By having full access behind your radiators for periodic cleaning would be the ultimate solution to remove this unseen dust problem!

There are circa. 190 million radiators installed across the UK of which a high proportion are not cleaned putting occupants at increased risk of allergic reactions.

Allergy UK estimates that 12 million people are allergic to their own homes!



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