How To Drop A Radiator For Decorating

How To Drop A Radiator For Decorating

As the winter snap is now upon us, our central heating systems become our trusted protector, in the fight against the cold for our comfort and well-being!

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But in decorating terms, we have more of a love-hate relationship with our radiator, we adore the fact that they keep us warm, but dislike them for taking up our precious wall space especially when it comes to decorating.

Whether you are painting or wallpapering your radiators, will be one of the main obstacles to overcome to achieve a satisfactory quality finish for you and your home.

how to remove the radiator from the wall quickly - easy ways to remove the radiator from the wall

This is a problem that has existed for decades following the introduction of steel panel radiators that are static and have little or no access.

This can become a very messy job when draining down the radiator before you decorate – as you can see from the pictures below.

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drop your radiator quickly

dropping a radiator for decorating - how to decorate behind a radiatordropping a radiator for decorating - how to decorate behind a radiator

Painting Behind A Radiator

If you are painting your walls there are long reach mini rollers available that can fit down the back of your radiator, but this can become very time consuming and frustrating as it is difficult to see if all the wall has been covered and by getting paint on the back of the radiator!

Wallpapering Behind A Radiator

If you are wallpapering, this can be more difficult as you have to feed the wallpaper down the back of the radiator each side and between the wall brackets, making it difficult to remove air bubbles and secure the edges of the paper, which can result in the paper eventually starting to peel away from the wall.


The picture below shows the wallpaper starting to peel from below the top of the radiator!


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Picture 1 – Release the radiator from the wall retaining brackets.

Picture 2 – Shows the radiator being supported at 45 Degrees by 2 safety wires.

Picture 3 – Shows lowering the radiator to floor level after releasing the safety wires.

Picture 4 – Shows the radiator lowered to floor level which allows instant access.



By upgrading the method of your radiator installation and converting a fixed radiator to an accessible radiator by retrofit.

Once installed Rotarad can take away the stress of decorating behind your radiator, as you can see from the picture below it can also prevent the shock to what can accumulate behind a radiator without no access.

Having full access also for periodic cleaning can prevent such build-ups of dust and fibres by allowing you access to use your filtered vacuum cleaners.

how to drop radiators for decorating

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