Central Heating Season Is Upon Us

Central Heating Season Is Upon Us

Central Heating radiators are the UK’s number 1 Choice for affordable efficient home heating systems. Circa. 190 million radiators across the UK.


Steel panel radiators are designed and manufactured to minimise cost, energy efficiency and also maximise heat output convection.


Radiators are installed with the sole purpose to provide and circulate heat throughout indoor spaces for our comfort during the winter months.


Once installed and fixed they become an important part of the fabric of a building.

 how to remove a radiator from the wall for cleaning behind

When using or choosing we need to consider their method of installation to maximize and maintain efficiency, hygiene and more importantly the end user’s well-being.


Poor indoor air quality issues are becoming major concern for the government (APPG) in homes built over the past 20 years and refurbished older properties creating airtight homes with increased condensation, contributing to increased toxic air being trapped indoors as a result of poor ventilation.


These homes may be causing an epidemic of respiratory infections and even heart disease according to research. Toxic air trapped in new and refurbished homes could cause an 80% rise in the number of people with asthma by 2050.

Professor Hazim Awbi – Daily Mail 22nd November 2016 “How your cosy home can raise your risk of allergies”


The use of uncleaned radiators in these properties MAY increase the level of polluted dust particles exposure, circulating in the air we breath indoors and a possible link to the surge of allergic reactions of people with Asthma, Allergies and Low Immune Systems, needing emergency hospital admissions and treatments during the winter months.

Can Central Heating Make You Ill?

Can You Be Allergic To Central Heating?

Do Radiators Circulate Allergens


how to remove radiator from the wall for cleaning- health


In our quest to address the problems and difficulty we all experience when we need to decorate or clean behind and inside our radiators that have little or no access.

how to remove a radiator from the wall for cleaning and decorating behind


How To Clean Inside Radiators

How And Why You Should Clean Behind Your Radiator


We at Rotarad recognise radiators do not determine the contents of dust particles but they do influence dust movements in airtight properties due to changes to the environment in the modern properties they are now used.


We also believe the present method of radiator installation needs to change to make them more compatible in the environment to maintain heat efficiency, hygiene and air quality.


how to clean dust and dirt from behind radiatorshow to clean dust and dirt from behind radiators

The Rotarad solution to allow instant full access behind steel panel radiators is by using an affordable retrofit conversion kit for existing and new installations to eliminate the need to remove the radiator to address these issues.


how to clean behind radiators


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