How And Why You Should Clean Behind Your Radiator

How And Why You Should Clean Behind Your Radiator

Many people don’t clean behind their radiators, it’s an area that’s easily forgotten as you can’t really access behind it.

What’s bad about this is that there could be years’ worth of dirt and dust lurking behind it that you and your family are then breathing in.

This is worsened by the heat emitted from the radiator itself. The heat then pushes the dirt and dust into the air, worsening the air quality in your home.

People now spend 90% of their time indoors, so indoor air quality is actually more damaging to our health than outdoor air quality.

A respiratory expert has also discovered that our increasingly respiratory problems from asthma to coughs or a simple allergic reaction are directly linked to the quality of our air.

As we spend so much time inside this is directly related to our own individual atmospheres.

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Why You Should Clean Behind Your Radiator

The dirt and dust that accumulates behind your radiator can be seriously damaging you and your families health, especially if you already have known respiratory issues.

Not removing this will further pollute the air you breathe in.

A study from 2011 revealed that 12 million Brits suffer from allergies caused by dust mites, so this number will be much higher now.

How To Clean Behind Your Radiator

There are many tools and flexible brushes that are great for getting in the pipes of the radiator, but sometimes they can just push the dirt around rather than remove it.

Some vacuum cleaners can also have narrow attachments that can get to those hard to reach places but as you can’t see behind the radiator properly you won’t be able to get it all.

The only way to fully access the area behind the radiator is to remove it from the wall. As hard as this sounds, it doesn’t have to be a big task.

Once you’ve installed Rotarad’s drop down radiator removal kit, which requires removing the radiator from the wall first then you can then remove the radiator from the wall for decorating and cleaning effortlessly taking only seconds to get a thorough clean.

Learn how else you can improve your indoor air quality with Allergy UK.


Cleaning behind our radiators is not really a priority to anyone, but it should be. The fact that so many of us are allergic to our own homes proves we’re not doing enough to remove dust mites from our homes, especially as we spend so much time in them.

Being able to remove your radiator in seconds with Rotarad is not only great for our health but it’s super handy when hanging wallpaper or painting behind a radiator.

To find out more about how to remove a radiator from the wall for decorating, click here.

how to clean behind a radiator - how to remove a radiator from the wall

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