How To Wallpaper Behind Radiators

How To Wallpaper Behind Radiators

There comes a time when a decorating job cannot be put off any longer. The old wallpaper has to come off.

By not taking the radiator away from the wall, as you can see from the picture below leaves you with the difficulty of removing any existing wallpaper.


If you have radiators in your home, it can make jobs such as painting and wallpaper a lot more difficult.

If you decide not to cover all the wall that is behind your radiator this is the equivalent of leaving the redecorating job half done. Although you can have a professional to remove the radiator for you, this can become somewhat costly when it comes to decorating!


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When you wallpaper behind a radiator without removing it, this can become a difficult task to cover all the wall completely.

 We at Rotarad believe that even if it’s hidden all the wall should be either painted or wallpapered, and not just extended as far as is easily accomplished by the reach of the decorator’s hand when wallpapering.


It can also be very difficult to brush the air out from behind the wallpaper to stick it to the wall to prevent air pockets, which can eventually allow the wallpaper to peel away from the wall.


To overcome this problem results in another difficult task that is to remove the radiator to gain full access, this can be time-consuming and messy with unseen problems if you do it yourself.


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Cleaning the Radiator Before Decorating!

This is time that you should consider removing any accumulated dust from the wall and behind your radiators before you start wallpapering.  If your radiators are looking very tired and dated this would also be a good time to consider replacing them.

By thoroughly cleaning and removing the dust rather than pushing the dust further down you improve the quality of air both you and your family breathe in. This can reduce the symptoms of dust allergies and asthma.

The dirt and dust that lurks behind our radiators are pushed into the air from the very heat our radiators emit. Indoor air quality is a huge issue in people’s homes and in public places such as hospitals.

By cleaning your radiators at least once a year before you use them in the Autumn season, as having radiators unused over the summer months causes large accumulations of dust.


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How to get around the problem of wallpapering behind your radiator?


Steps to take when Wallpapering with Rotarad

Picture 1 – Shows the wallpaper strip fitted to the wall above the radiator with the bottom part of the paper folded under to allow you to lower the radiator.

Picture 2 – Shows the radiator lowered to the floor to allow you to unfold the paper to reach down to the floor.

Picture 3 – By having the radiator down to floor level this then enables you to tuck or thread the paper between the bottom of the radiator and the wall, which allows you to brush the paper to the wall to remove all the air for the full adhesion to the wall.

Picture 4 – Lift the radiator and secure back on the wall with top brackets then score to mark and trim the bottom of the wallpaper.  Brush to the wall for the final finish!



By being able to move the radiator in one allows for stress-free quick decorating, wallpapering and cleaning.  Having instant full access would be the ideal solution to overcome these difficulties.

Installing Rotarad enables you to achieve superior standards of decorating and hygiene with instant access to easily maintain ongoing improved standards of hygiene for your home and wellbeing.

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