How To Stop Wallpaper Peeling Behind A Radiator

How To Stop Wallpaper Peeling Behind A Radiator

Wallpaper is glued to your wall with an adhesive that over time and in especially humid and dry conditions this can weaken and cause the wallpaper to peel away from the wall.

This can make your rooms feel like they have been neglected if just left.

If you don’t want to replace the wallpaper, you can try to fix the peeling parts.

But there is also one place that we never even think about!

Yes – the wall behind the radiator, which is one of the most common and first places where the wallpaper will start peeling away due to the warm dry temperature!

In some cases, you will have no option but to replace the wallpaper!

See picture below where the wallpaper behind the radiator is now beyond repair and it would be recommended to replace!

The next task you would have to deal with is getting behind the radiator to replace the wallpaper, which could give you the problem of having to pay for a professional to come out and drain down the radiator or by doing it yourselves, which can become very time consuming and costly!

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From the picture below you can see that a large section of the wallpaper has started to peel away from the wall, this may be due to the fact that the adhesive was not the best quality or the paper has been there for some time. 

The heat from the Radiator can cause the paper to peel away from the wall.

Repairing the wallpaper using Rotarad

1. Lower your radiator to either 45 degrees or to floor level, the picture below shows the radiator lowered to 45 degrees.

2. Apply a thin coat of good quality wallpaper adhesive with a paintbrush to the wall which you wish the paper to stick to.

3. Slowly press the peeled wallpaper onto the adhesive-coated wall, secure the edges of the peeled pieces and then allow the adhesive to completely dry.


4. Once the adhesive has dried rotate the radiator back into position using Rotarad kits.

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In time the wallpaper will start peeling away from your walls, but by having easy access this enables you to get behind your radiator easily to either replace or repair the wallpaper, without the need of having to drain down your heating system.

By using Rotarad not only can this help when decorating, but it is important to understand that dust accumulates behind the radiator which could cause health problems for some occupants.

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