How to Take A Radiator Off the Wall

How to Take A Radiator Off the Wall

If you are planning on doing some decorating throughout your home, chances are that if you want a professional finish then you will need to also remove the radiator.

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Even when it comes to a thorough cleaning of your home the one thing that we never even consider is all those years of unnoticed dust that has accumulated behind our radiators!

Dust behind radiators is a hidden place often missed during normal cleaning.  Significant dust collects behinds the radiator, which can then be distributed around the room by the airflow which is produced by the warm air from radiators.

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COVID-19 is part of a large family of coronaviruses that cause respiratory infections, and given the amount of time we are spending in our homes, it is very important that we stick to a regular cleaning regime to reduce the chances of picking up this nasty bug, this is why we at Rotarad advise that you should also make sure the whole of your radiator is dust-free!

COVID-19 And Cleaning Behind Your Radiators

COVID-19 has been shown to survive on hard surfaces like glass, plastic, and stainless steel for 72 hours.  Hard shiny materials are non-porous which means, water, air and vapour cannot pass through, and instead rest and accumulate on the surface.


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Removing a radiator from the wall is not a relatively simple process, the major thing that prevents DIYer’s and Home Improvers from removing a radiator is the possibility of the amount of dirty water they contain getting onto your flooring i.e. carpets!

If you do not fancy doing the job yourself then you can always call out a local tradesman, but you would need to determine the cost implications that are involved which can vary from paying £100.00 to £200.00 to remove and then refit the radiator.  If you are going to use a larger company, you could be expected to pay anything from £175.00 to £300.00.


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DIY Process of Removing a Radiator!

You will need:

  • Spanner
  • Radiator bleed key,
  • Container to catch the water in
  • Plastic sheet or towel to cover the floor to catch any unwanted spillage.


To remove the radiator, you will have to drain the water from it which can be a slow process.

You will also have to make sure you pay attention to the radiator’s brackets before attempting to take the radiator off the wall, as not removing the radiator correctly can lead to serious problems!

Always keep towels close in case of spillage as the water that comes out can be very dirty and can stain most surfaces.

The pictures below show what a messy a job it can be if you want to have to go at doing it yourself, it could take you at least the whole day to remove just one radiator before you have started the decorating process!

Once the radiator has been removed, you will probably have the task of wiping down the walls behind the radiator and the skirting, as over a period of time they will have accumulated a lot of dust and grime!

Behind the back of the radiator is the place we never even consider when it comes to cleaning!


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The Simple Way Using Rotarad!

There is a very easy solution which can allow you instant access without the need to even remove the radiators!

No Tools Required!

Instant Access!

No more draining down system once fitted!

Picture 1 – Release the radiator from the wall retaining brackets.

Picture 2 – Shows the radiator being supported at 45 Degrees by 2 safety wires.

Picture 3 – Shows lowering the radiator to floor level after releasing the safety wires.

Picture 4 – Shows the radiator lowered to floor level which allows instant access.


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By being able to move the radiator in an instant this will allow stress-free quick decorating, wallpapering, and cleaning. 

It will also eliminate the need to call out your local plumber or Do-it-yourself which can save you a lot of time and money.

Installing Rotarad enables you to achieve superior standards of decorating and hygiene with instant access to easily maintain ongoing improved standards of hygiene for your home and wellbeing.


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