How To Hide a Wall Safe At Home

How To Hide a Wall Safe At Home

When searching the internet there are so many genius ideas of great places to hide things around the house. Although many are for money or valuables.

If you want to install and hide a wall safe you are presented with fewer options. The most obvious one is that it needs to be fitted into the wall.

The key to picking a good spot to hide your wall safe is to pick something that’s in plain sight. The more obvious, the less likely it is to be found.


Radiators Are Overlooked

Some people might find socks, tea towels or garments that have fallen behind the radiator when they’ve been drying laundry. Kids can also end up shoving toys, sweets or even wrappers behind radiators.

Some radiators can be fitted so close to the wall that you can’t actually see if anything is stuck behind there. One nightclub found a customers purse behind a radiator that had been there for 40 years!

Without realising they're an overlooked part of the house as everyone has them. They’re also forgotten about when it comes to cleaning with even the cleanest of people simply forgetting about behind the radiator.

As we can’t see what’s behind there we easily forget its there and just how harmful the build of dust mites can be to our health. Discover how and why you should clean behind your radiator, at the minimum, it should be done once a year.


How To Hide A Wall Safe Behind A Radiator

Most people are unaware of what’s behind their radiator with no intention to look behind there, one of our customers found the ingenious idea to install a wall safe behind the radiator.

By installing a Drop Down Radiator Kit, he could easily access the safe by dropping the radiator to the floor to access it.

He would then return it to its latches in seconds with no sign that it's been removed or that there was something hidden behind it.


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What Else Is Hiding Behind Your Radiator?

How often have you accessed the area behind your radiator?

Once, twice, never?

So many of us see radiators as an obstacle when it comes to decorating, painting and cleaning, but they don’t have to be.

Many professionals and perfectionists remove the radiator from the wall for decorating as they want the job done properly. It’s also really difficult to wallpaper behind the radiator without accessing it as you can’t ensure the paper is stuck down.

When it comes to cleaning people either genuinely forget to look or they use tools and radiator brushes to push down the back of it. Although these may sometimes work, more often than not they just push the dust further down instead of removing it.

You also can’t get a damp cloth down and disinfect the radiator to remove the dust properly.

For all these tasks, removing the radiator from the wall makes the job effortless and saves time.

Although, removing the radiator from the wall takes someone who knows what they’re doing when it comes to plumbing and DIY. It’s also not ideal to be removing the radiator every time you decorate and clean.

By fitting the drop down radiator removal kit only once, you get a lifetime of being able to drop the radiator in seconds with no assistant needed. Whether it’s to clean, decorate or access your wall safe full of valuables.­­

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