Spring Cleaning Your Home: Cleaning Behind A Radiator

Spring Cleaning Your Home: Cleaning Behind A Radiator

Spring is in the air! - so it’s time to think about spring cleaning to have your home feeling fresh, clean and hygienic after a long stuffy winter.

We often open our windows to create fresh air as it becomes warmer out, especially when cleaning. It’s become a tradition in line with the seasons to have a big deep clean in spring.

Normally cleaning things more thoroughly than we normally do or the things we’ve been avoiding such as carpets, furniture and curtains.


The Most Overlooked Area Of Your House

One area that people forget to clean not just when they do a deep clean but all year round is behind the radiators.

As we can’t see behind the radiators it’s an easily forgotten area that could actually be impacting the air quality in your house, resulting in allergies and even worsen breathing for asthma sufferers.

As the new season starts and we start to switch off the heating this is the ideal time to clean behind your radiator.


How To Clean Behind A Radiator

Cleaning behind the radiator can be a difficult job due to the lack of access which means you can’t actually see what you’re doing or reach the dust and grime that builds up.

You can get special brushes that fit behind the radiator so you should be able to reach further than your hand, however, these normally just push the dust further down.

If you want to get full access to the radiator you need to remove it from the wall. Although it sounds like a big task, many people remove the radiator from the wall every time they decorate.

To find out more and watch our video on how to remove a radiator from the wall, click here.

If you’re a perfectionist or just can’t live with a job not being done properly then it’s the only way to get complete access.

How to remove a radiator from the wall - how to clean behind a radiator

How To Easily Remove A Radiator From The Wall For Cleaning

A drop-down radiator removal kit is the ideal solution to get full access behind your radiator. After a one time installation, you can drop the radiator from the wall in less than a minute.

Allowing you to thoroughly clean, removing dust particles that contain allergens that are then circulated into the air we breathe.

In the winter months, the exposure of contamination is raised as we keep the windows shut and continuously feed the dust heat from the radiator itself to spread further around the room.

The dust becomes a potent trigger for respiratory infections that may require medical treatment and lead onto other lifelong illnesses.

It’s horrible to think about it, but just because you can’t see it, it doesn’t mean it’s not there.


how to remove a radiator from wall - how to clean behind the radiator

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