How to Spring Clean Your Radiators

How to Spring Clean Your Radiators

Spring is in the air! – it is the season where the weather usually starts to turn warmer trees begin growing their leaves, plants start flowering and young animals such as chicks and lambs are born.  

The arrival of spring brings more daylight, which helps lifts our energy levels from all that drowsiness, the increased light also triggers the release of Serrotin a brain chemical that helps us to feel happier!

We also should be thinking about spring cleaning to have your home feeling fresh, clean and hygienic after a long “Stuffy” winter!

So, open those doors and windows and let the fresh air back in!


Since the outbreak of Covid 19 back in March 2020 we have had no choice but to spend more time in our homes since the lockdown began, we then faced a second wave as we entered the 6-month Winter period, with the presence of Covid 19 even more on the rise!


While the coronavirus epidemic is far from over as we are now entering in the spring season, there is may be some light and a clearer picture that we may be able to return to some normality, from end of March going through to April as the Government are now carefully lifting restrictions.

The effects of Covid 19 especially throughout the winter months have highlighted the risk and devastating impact poor indoor air quality can have on our health, lives and in general our long-term wellbeing when inhaled in poorly ventilated indoor environments!

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During those cold winter dreary months, we all liked to make our homes warm and cosy, so we closed our windows, turned up the heating as the weather turned colder and the majority of us tended to dry our laundry indoors either ON or by the radiators!


We rarely ever consider a potential health hazard being created via our radiators associated with poor indoor air quality issues when in use during the winter months.

Dust behind the Radiator

RADIATORS are a fixture of most of every household, but cleaning behind them can prove a very challenging task - especially as the space is so tight between fins and not forgetting all that dust accumulation behind the radiator!


When radiators heat the air, the hot air rises. When hot air rises, the cold air rushes to fill the space where the hot air used to be, pulling in all that dust, hair, Pet dander and other particles with it.


This means your radiator is essentially one big vacuum!

We recommend that you give your radiators a thorough deep clean in the Spring- time, as this is when usually we start to turn off our central heating, plus it is better to have your radiator cold as this will stop the  convection current from drawing even more dust behind the radiator.

How Not to Clean Your Radiators!

To start with, you need to try and clear as much of the dust from in, around and under your radiator as possible.

Hair Dryer

Believe it or not, some people use their hairdryer to get the dust out from the inside and down the back of the radiator!


This you think should help you to get a lot of the leftover dust down and out from in and behind your radiator – but not recommended as you are only blowing the contaminated dust back into the air you breathe!

Radiator Brush

Some of you may use the obvious the specialist radiator cleaning brush – but really is this the easiest way? 

In the meantime, Do not forget to put a towel or dust sheet under the radiator – to catch all the debris! 

Once this is done get your brush in between the fins and behind the back of the radiator and from top to bottom start pushing that dust and dirt right out. 

This like the hair dryer option is only going to cause all that dust to be released back into the air you breathe in your homes!

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The easy solution for cleaning radiators!

By Having full access behind your radiator this allows you to see and freely remove accumulated dust more efficiently and hygienically.


By being able to lower the radiator to floor level this enables you to give the radiator a thorough clean with the aid of some warm water and a cloth.

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A Simple Tip - Spring Clean Radiators with Lemon Juice!

Lemon juice is an effective but cheap and eco-friendly way to clean your home and great for cleaning radiators, it is a very natural cleaner that we would recommend using instead of a chemical cleaner.


Lemon is much better for the environment than from buying chemical products, it has a fresh lingering scent and is inexpensive compared to shop bought cleaners

Lemons can be used for everyday cleaning throughout your homes e.g., ovens, fridge, work surface, doors, windows etc.  to shift stains, freshen surfaces and remove odors with ease.

Just use a spray bottle add water and a couple of squeezes of lemon juice to wipe away all that dust and grime!

Leaves your home smelling clean fresh and chemical free!


By being able to access your radiators for periodic deep cleaning to remove the dust this could make a significant contribution to improving your health and wellbeing as now are currently being used in the health care sector.



You should be aware when cleaning your homes to remember your radiators, as they are an important influence on air quality around the home, something that we should not forget!






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