How to Remove Central Heating Radiators To   Clean Behind

How to Remove Central Heating Radiators To Clean Behind

We realise this is something you would not consider doing as this is a fraught time-consuming task that could become a problem!

how to remove a radiator from the wall to clean behind

AGAIN, this problem arises when we also decorate our homes due to the lack of access behind radiators!!


As a result of changes to the indoor environment creating airtight homes having adverse effects when using our central heating – Please view the blog “Can you be allergic to Central Heating” for more information.

We recommend you consider a retrofit upgrade to your existing radiators to allow full access without the need to remove them once installed.

how to remove a radiator from the wallhow to remove a radiator from the wall- for cleaning- painting behind

This will enable you to periodically deep clean your radiators using a filtered vacuum cleaner to remove harmful dust for the well being of all occupants with the added benefit when you also need to decorate!

how to clean dirty radiators - how to remove radiator from the wall for cleaning behind

This video demonstrates a deep clean using a filter vacuum cleaner to remove all dust from inside and the back of the radiator.



Question - Why should you have to remove a radiator to achieve satisfactory hygiene or improved decorating results??

Answer – You should consider moving a radiator for full access and not removing a radiator to make the task of cleaning your radiators more practical for stress-free periodic cleaning and for Decorating.



If you have elephants in your rooms, consider Rotarad the hidden solution to the room helping to improve the air you breathe indoors!

how to remove a radiator from the wall - the discreet way to remove the radiator in seconds

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