How To Clean Between Radiator Fins

How To Clean Between Radiator Fins

How Often Do You Clean Your Radiators As Part Of Your Cleaning Chores?

With so much of our time spent in our homes during the Covid19 Lockdown many us may feel that we have cleaned every corner in our home thoroughly.

But have we??

The one area in our home that has undoubtedly been neglected is the Radiator!


Radiators are often neglected when cleaning, but they can still be home to an unpleasant build-up of dirt and grime!

They are one part of our cleaning process that we never think about and in a lot of cases they can be neglected for years.

Radiators should be made part of your cleaning regime so when cleaning your house once a week you should give the accessible services a quick wiper over with a cloth and some warm water to clean the dust away!

We strongly recommend that you deep clean your radiators and NOT forgetting the wall behind at least once a year. As you should realise that this is the part of the radiator that accumulates reservoirs of dust over time!

The ideal time to clean your deep clean radiators is the end of Summertime for the start of Autumn before you look to start switching your heating back on, as the nights become chilly and days become cooler.

If you do not do this all that dirt and dust that has been collected could have an impact on your health, cleanliness, allergies and on your heating bills!

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By removing the dust from your radiator, this will help lower your heating costs as a build-up of dust stops the heat from escaping, and it makes your radiators work harder to help keep rooms warm!

Cleaning Between The Radiator Fins

The Radiator fins are surfaces that extend from the radiator to increase the rate of heat transfer to or from the environment by increasing convection. They are the  zig zag metal strips found between the radiator panels.

All types of dirt and grime can be found between the fins including Cobwebs and Spiders!


 Radiator Brush - Is  this the Solution?

The present traditional method of cleaning radiators – ‘the radiator brush’ can be a very difficult and time-consuming task due to the lack of easy access!



This is really not the ideal solution, as this can disturb and push dust particles through the bottom of the radiator that can circulate in the air we breathe, as dust contains allergens, chemicals, pet dander, human skin and mould spores etc. that can lead to allergies or breathing difficulties, which can develop into a long life illness! 

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Indoor Air Quality is an important factor when it comes to our health and well being.

With Covid 19 outbreak it is important to clean high touch surfaces in your home which can lower the risk of infection and this should also include your radiators!


We at Rotarad believe having accessible radiators as a UK standard for periodic deep cleaning to manage indoor air pollution and exposure will be a major factor for the well being of millions of occupants in fully insulated homes for the future.

By introducing the Rotarad solution to your radiators to allow instant access enables you to use filtered suction cleaners to remove the dust!

 Please see our demonstration video:


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