Best Way To Clean A Radiator

Best Way To Clean A Radiator

Most people don't think about cleaning their radiators, but they can get dirty and in bad shape if they are not properly maintained.

Radiators can get dusty quickly. This is because, when your clean radiators heat the air, the hot air rises; and when hot air rises, cold air rushes to fill the space where the hot air used to be; pulling in all that dust and other particles with it.

This means that your radiator is primarily a huge vacuum/hoover!

The radiator is designed to have lots of surface area to help the radiator work more efficiently to get as much heat as possible to the home. But those little spaces tend to collect lots of dust and debris.

All this dust and dirt in the radiator is an irritant for people with allergies or asthma. By cleaning your radiators will improve not only the look of the home but will also make the home a nicer environment to live and breathe in.

People don’t realise the amount of dirt, grease, pet dander and dust that has accumulated over a period!

We would advise that you clean radiators periodically to keep dirt and dust from building up. We recommend that you clean radiators in the summer when they are not in use.

 How to clean behind a radiator - how to remove a radiator from the wall for cleaning

WHAT YOU CAN’T SEE – CAN’T HURT (Ignorance is bliss!) But in this case, it possibly can!

This is what can happen if you don’t clean behind your radiator a buildup of dirt, grease, pet dander and dust!

Dirty radiators - how to clean radiators - how to remove a radiator from the wall for cleaning Dirty radiators - how to clean radiators - how to remove a radiator from the wall for cleaning

If this was the front of your Radiator would you then clean it?

 “The best way to clean your radiator” thoroughly is to invest in a Rotarad rotating valve kit.  Once installed, the system will allow for your radiator to be rotated to floor level, providing complete access behind the radiator for thorough cleaning and there is no need to drain down the radiator or take if off the wall.

This then makes it simple to hoover away the dust or just by using a cloth and some warm soapy water to clean the dust thoroughly away.

The kits can be retrofitted to most standard panel radiators, allowing radiators to pivot along the access of the radiator valves without putting any strain on the pipework or the fittings.



Rotarad actually allows you to see and access the dust that has accumulated which needs to be removed.

By being able to access your radiators for periodic cleaning to remove the dust this could make a significant contribution to improving your health.

Indoor air quality has deteriorated over the last 20 years due to stringent green building regulations to reduce energy usage resulting in poor ventilation.

How to remove a radiator from the wall for cleaning - how to clean behind a radiator

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